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Odyssey Reporting
135 Andries Pretorius Street, Bloemfontein

Phone: +27 51 4333 273/4
Fax: +27 51 4333 273/4


You can contact ODYSSEY Support using one of the following methods:
 TELEPHONE: Receive technical support over the telephone from a technical support engineer.
ONLINE: Submit a request ticket for technical support on our Website. e-mail.
FAX: Fax your questions and receive detailed answers from the Technical Support department. You will receive a response by fax.


Odyssey Software, a pioneer in the Retail market since 1997, offers an online reporting solution in pdf, html and excel formats.

Odyssey launched its first retail service application in 2000. Odyssey Solutions is truly different and particulary attractive to small/mid- market customers. Our customers include mid-sized corporations across all industries and many franchise companies.


Reduce implementation costs, accelerate deployment, minimize the risk of failure and protect your investment in Odyssey . In conjunction with the configuration and individual personalization features of Odyssey, this powerful tool reduces your implementation costs, accelerates deployment, minimizes the risk of failure and protects your investment. No more running around wondering what your sales and turnover is, now you can closely monitor sales, voids, discounts and more in a reporting or graphical 3D format.

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